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  • 01.01.2019
  • by Dashakar

Clean Bandit admit they almost split

Clean Bandit Interview @ Secret Garden Party 2013 - Speaking to Different Drum with Jay Easton

GRACE Chatto is the bow-wielding musician who has brought the cello from the history books to the forefront of the techno scene You may not have heard her name, but you'll definitely have tapped along to some of her hit tracks - since she's part of electro dance group Clean Bandit. As well as starring in music vids, she also produces other artists' clips through her production company, Cleanfilm, which she founded with fellow Bandit Jack Patterson. Grace is unbelievably switched on, speaking fluent Russian and Italian and turning down a job at MI6 to chase her musical dreams. While studying modern languages at Cambridge, she played in a string quartet with what would later become Clean Bandit. After uni, she held a position as a school cello teacher - around the same time as Clean Bandit's single Mozart's House reached number 17 in the UK Chart. In the music video for the song, Grace appears in just her undies, covering her modesty with her cello.

Clean Bandit interview - Jack and Luke @pinkpop

Please refresh the page and retry. W hen classical-pop quintet Clean Bandit graduated from Cambridge they had the kind of job offers thousands of young people might do unspeakable things for.

Violinist Milan Neil Amin-Smith, who got the highest mark in his year upon completing a masters in economics, was approached by both MI6 and the Foreign Office.

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jack Patterson put his architecture degree on hold to study at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, the oldest film school in the world, and was on the brink of taking a job at the St Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts possibly to the disappointment of a tutor who compared his efforts in the second year to One World Trade Center architect Daniel Libeskind.

With an education from Westminster, years of study in Russia and a degree in Russian literature, language and history, trilingual Grace Chatto had a perfect CV. As for the fourth member, Luke Patterson he was still in school.

And yet, despite having more degrees and languages than band members, Clean Bandit decided to turn down these opportunities because they had one ambition: to get their home-made music videos on MTV. C lean Bandit started out as a string quartet formed at Cambridge by Chatto and Amin-Smith, who had met at Westminster before playing together in Haringay Youth Musicians.

The band was born after Jack Patterson, who went on to have a relationship with Chatto, started to add electronic and reggae beats to their classical music.

His brother Luke, then 14, was brought in on drums. That went on for three years. M eanwhile, Chatto was relentlessly cold-calling broadcasters, pleading with them to play their music.

I doubt it. B ut what cemented their success was Rather Be, which exploded onto the airwaves in I t was a disaster.

Clean Bandit: Britain's biggest pop group on Labour, Israel and female . Jack and Grace broke off their romance in , although Grace isn't. Clean Bandit are a British electronic music band, formed in Cambridge in The band consists of members Grace Chatto, and brothers Jack and Luke The following month, they announced a date headline tour of the UK. The band's. Band members Grace Chatto and Jack Patterson studied in Russia, where they picked up Although all four members of Clean Bandit attended England's prestigious and Jack and Grace Chatto began dating before the band even started.

YouTubers dedicated hours to making parody versions that clocked thousands of views - mostly because the original was taken offline in the backlash. Asked if they had considered splitting, he added: "No, not in relation to that In order to curb the difficulties of being so close after ending their romance, Jack opted out of a tour with the band, which had some positives.

Grace Chatto () Jack started dating singer Grace Chatto after the start of their relationship, they decided to start the Clean Bandit. When a parent saw Grace posing suggestively in a Clean Bandit clip, the star Jack Patterson, Grace Chatto and Neil Amin-Smith are three of the band's four. 4. Clean Bandit had problems that almost led them to split. it wasn't as a result of bandmates Grace Chatto and his brother Jack Patterson.

Grace said: "When Jack and I broke up, we decided that Jack would stay at home and start writing the second album, rather than tour with us. But the remainder of the band weren't too surprised as they knew it hadn't been Neil's long-term goal to stay in the group. Of his encounter with the musician, Luke laughed: "I was half-naked to be honest.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Clean Bandit British four-piece Clean Bandit, members Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, who also happened to be dating Chatto, thought it would be fun to. Who is Clean Bandit, the band performing at the TCA's tonight? Meet the Jack and Grace dated before the band was officially established. Clean Bandit, photographed exclusively for the Telegraph Magazine in London, February From left: Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto, Jack.

The wrong half too.


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