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  • 06.01.2019
  • by Kazralmaran

Huss & Dalton Guitar Company .

Huss & Dalton Guitars Review

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Dating huss and dalton guitars

The people there are artisans. I was and remain very impressed. Yes, I knew they were a small builder. I guess the numbers just drove home what this really means. Hope to have the opportunity to given one a spin some day. Thank you. Otisco Kid 2, Otisco Kid. Martin did not start out making over 25, guitars a year.

Otisco Kid wrote: Actually ParanaSlim 1, 1. Thanks Howard.

This wonderful guitar was built during at the Huss and Dalton shop in Staunton, Virginia. Condition: Very Good; Date Posted: 03/07/; Left Handed. dating-huss-and-dalton-guitars: dating huss and dalton guitars.

Cheers, Will. Dubc79 They have combined the age-old techniques of construction with their own take on the classic design to produce an instrument of unparalleled power and exquisite tone and playability. So you say you need a small guitar with 14 frets clear of the body? Huss and Dalton offers you the T-OO14, a short-scale flat top with the same big voice as their standard 00 models.

Dating huss and dalton guitars

It looks so much like a small TOM that they've given it the same dress, whether in rosewood or mahogany versions. The time of the small-bodied guitar has returned, bringing with it the comfort and warmth that will make it your true friend for life.

Huss and Dalton's TD-M has the understated look of a traditional mahogany guitar, but has a sound that is anything but understated. Flat-top construction, a Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides are standard, subtly decorated with tortoise-style binding and four-line top purfling.

The TD-M combines the power of the rosewood TD-R with a warmer, more balanced tonal spectrum that may leave you breathless. To multitudes of contemporary guitarists, the dreadnought is the king of the heap, and our TD-R leads the pack as a rosewood flat top that brings the best of the past to the requirements of the present.

Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce are dressed in herringbone and ivoroid trim. A powerful bass register stands above a rich balance of mids and highs, creating a guitar that was born to lead the band.

A nod to the iconic Dreadnought, the standard Pilgrim has East Indian rosewood back and sides, and is also available in mahogany at no additional charge. Rather than the immediate flash of the TOM-R, the TOM-M shines subtly with traditional mahogany guitar appointments like tortoise-style body bindings and simple dot fretboard inlays.

Classic timeless styling. This guitar is especially suited for finger-style players or flatpickers with a lighter touch, yet holds up to vigorous strumming when the performance becomes more intense.

Huss & Dalton Serial Numbers General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. Charter Member. Join Date: Apr Posts: Does anyone know how to determine the age of a Huss and Dalton guitar based on its serial number?. Huss and Dalton Guitar Company, Inc. took root in the fertile soil of the Shenandoah Valley, late in the summer of , when Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton's. If you feel the need to find out what year your guitar or the one you are looking to purchase pre-owned was built, click here for a new chart.

The standard TOM-R is a refined brew of Indian rosewood, Sitka spruce, herringbone purfling, ivoroid body bindings, classic slotted diamond fretboard inlay pattern, and a squared headstock with a carved diamond volute. Vintage-style nickel tuning machines by Waverly complete this timeless package. Shown above with thermo-cured Red Spruce top and Cocobolo back and sides.

Small Body Series Small does not have to mean less. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in power. The Model 0 is a parlor instrument with street attitude. Appointments are the same elegant ones found on our models 00 and The Model 0-SP is a parlor instrument with street attitude. Appointments are the same elegant ones found on our models 00 andbut featuring a slotted headstock and pyramid bridge. Huss and Dalton's fret 00 produces a surprising amount of volume from a small-body guitar.

Very clear and balanced in tone, it's braced for light gauge strings, and designed with the finger-style player in mind. The 00 pairs Engelmann spruce with either mahogany or Indian rosewood for the standard woods. It features Indian rosewood body binding, six-line top purfling, and our vintage-style straight bridge. Additionally, a pyramid bridge and slotted headstock adds elegance and tradition to the classic features of our 00 models. Not to mention that the tonal quality of the SP acoustic guitar is genius, delivering warm, resonant sounds that sustain for what seems to be forever.

Huss and Dalton's fret has a warm tonal character in a body size one step up from our 00 guitar. The pairs Sitka spruce with either mahogany or Indian rosewood for the standard woods. This model has the same build and cosmetic features as Huss and Dalton'sbut includes an elegant slotted headstock and pyramid bridge. Their bracing lends them a lush, modern tone with plenty of sustain, while also providing the exceptional balance that is demanded by the modern finger style player.

The elegant aesthetics enhance the overall impression of modernity expressed in these instruments. The Huss and Dalton CM model is perfect whether you are a songwriter needing an inspirational writing tool or a discerning finger stylist, or perhaps a blend of both. The elegant design includes a soft Venetian cutaway, body and fretboard bindings of figured maple, an abalone rosette, and an understated 12th-fret scroll fretboard inlay in abalone. This version of the CM is a dead ringer for a OOO with a fret neck, offering a comfortable body size with a This guitar offers a strong, balanced tonal response in a comfortable package.

This configuration allows easy access to the upper frets yet maintains the power, so what you really get is a deep-bodied You can trust this guitar to growl or purr, whichever you need at the moment. See the DS for more about fret guitars. Huss and Dalton's entry into the String market is a versatile, medium sized instrument based on their ever popular CM Model. It features a reverse taper peghead and is shown here with optional Curly Maple back, sides, and neck woods.

The red spruce top bracing is carved to produce a full round tone, while being able to hold up under the rigors of the 12 string format under standard pitch. Sitka Spruce is standard top wood along with Indian Rosewood as standard back and side wood. Available in cutaway or non cutaway body.

Virginia's Huss and Dalton began producing high-end acoustic instruments in using a combination of traditional and modern Stevie's Guitars at Lays. Table: [+] Spoiler Huss and Dalton Serial pdf ( KiB) 23 So post what serial number you have and the details of your guitar, and. Steel String Guitars from Huss and Dalton. The D-RH is a dreadnought brought up to date with a radiused top and the red spruce bracing found in all H&Ds.

Huss and Dalton's Model FS is aimed directly at the modern finger-style player. While utilizing the body shape of the CM, it adds shallower body depth for a more immediate response along with lighter top bracing for greater sustain.

Huss and Dalton Guitars

Its wider tapered fretboard, combined with a flatter, low-profile neck shape, ultimately creates the perfect finger-style guitar. Don't let its elegance blind you; this guitar can please any audience. Like the CM with its soft Venetian cutaway, the OM-C has all the high-note reach a musician craves, along with the tonal balance for which the OM guitar has always been known.

Huss and Dalton TD-R Demo from Peghead Nation

Outstanding player comfort and balanced tone of this guitar make it an exceptional choice for many playing styles. Designed with Huss and Dalton's proprietary Stingray fretboard inlay pattern, abalone rosette, rosewood fretboard and body bindings, this model takes a new turn on a traditional body style. Slope-Shoulder Series Huss and Dalton's radius topped dreadnoughts are designed with the player in mind who admires the power of the flat top, but desires a bit more balance in the tone than the traditional design displays.

This slope-shouldered guitar is designed for brawny power. Its standard woods are Sitka spruce paired with either Indian rosewood or mahogany. In concept, we think of the rosewood version as a slope-shouldered D-RH and the mahogany version as a slope-shouldered DM. The pairs sound similar, and all four sound their best with medium strings and hard playing.

The DS comes standard with a beautiful vintage sunburst, maple bindings, and style snowflake fretboard inlays. This DS is pictured with the fret option.

With 12 frets to the body and To many players, fret guitars are imbued with near-mystical qualities. While the luthiers appreciated traditional design, they imagined a guitar that paid homage to tradition and also incorporated improvements to the structure and cosmetics of the distinctly American steel string guitar.

Jeff Huss left North Dakota for Virginia, dating huss and dalton guitarsto pursue his interest in bluegrass and traditional music. While Huss was still working for Stelling, he began building guitars in his home shop. Native Virginian and equine aficionado Mark Dalton grew up in the South Central part of the state, where his family always enjoyed traditional music in the home and community. After hours he spent his time in his home workshop designing and building his own guitars.

He built one for his boss Geoff Stelling who liked it so much he added guitars to the Stelling line and had Huss build them.


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