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  • 31.12.2018
  • by Kazisho

Jackson (GOT7) has married Youngji (KARA) in Macau . allkpop Forums

What if JackJi are really dating?

Imagine if you had a guy friend or girl friend who you were really close to and all of a sudden the media and fans start to really wish for both of you to date. Like how fucking awkward! S say that a rumor that she and dong wook were dating spread back then? I mean really?! Supposedly they were good friends and all of a sudden they just stopped all contact because of one rumor.

Nov 5, - Girls' Generation's Sunny Wants GOT7's Jackson And KARA's Youngji To maybe the Girls' Generation member want the two to date as well. Feb 21, - Heo Young-Ji is a renowned singer, actress and model from South Korea. Youngji and Jackson, her co-star in a reality show Roommate, are. Nov 17, - While some fans wish that Jackson does end up dating Heo Youngji, Meanwhile, Jackson will be having active promotions with GOT7 as the.

That was meant to be a beautiful thing. Jackson liked that photo. However, Jackson did not posted a picture with her but instead, he posted a picture of himself with Henry.

Got7 jackson and kara youngji dating

Wake up, Jackson! Stop feeding those delusional shippers. Search your name on Naver. Youngji is the first related search, where is GOT7?

Jackson, Youngji, and the fencing lesson dating ban that never was. and captioned it “[BREAKING] GOT7's Jackson and KARA's Youngji got caught for dating”. Jun 1, - On the May 31st broadcast of SBS' Inkigayo, GOT7's Jackson left many "Jackji" fans squealing after he called KARA's Youngji "pretty" on the. Apr 21, - As you probably know by now, the 'Jackji' couple of GOT7's Jackson and KARA's Youngji were a popular item on 'Roommate', and neither.

Are you a Jackji or GOT7 member? Jackson has his own fucking rights to like whatever photo he wants and you need to shut the fuck up and stop being a butthurt.

[ENG SUB] Roommate S2 Ep 25/45 - GOT7 Jackson Proposal to KARA YoungJi

Why you fuckers like to make things difficult for them? Seriously, in the future, they might be together but they also might not be together. At least they have already clarified that they are just friends now so can you just trust them and stop putting words into their mouth? Just like on Weekly Idol, how Doni and Coni did not let them explained themselves.

Feb 25, - The chemistry between GOT7’s Jackson and KARA’s Youngji seemed to reach its peak when asked if they had ever seen each other as a possible relationship partner. On the episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” that aired on February 25, guests Big Byung and Chamsonyeo enjoy. The hidden fact: Jackson + Youngi are no longer dating - they are now married! Both were seen in Macau after marriage celebration. You see.

You can ship them but stop spreading false rumours. Let him do whatever he wants. Stop bringing it to their Instagram and make them feel like a criminal.

Go and get a fucking life and respect them. Stop being delusional or spread false rumours about them and put words into their mouth. Youngji did it too LOL.

Reply Thread Expand Link. Reply Parent Thread Link. Aww Jackson we love you, and who says you're ugly, they're stupid. I kinda hope they don't push a love line with these two, esp if they don't like each other, their friendship will just become awkward. I'm on my first ep of this season and I already love these two.

Jackson (GOT7) has married Youngji (KARA) in Macau

I can feel myself starting to stan GOT7 and I don't want to. I used to think Jackson flirted with Gukjoo but the more that time goes on the more I feel like it comes off as typical weird Jackson.

I think that the way he fusses over her is similar to the way he would fuss over his family, because it's clear he looks at his GOT7 boys like brothers and he's very affectionate and sweet on them similar to Gukjoo.

I think this was the love line the PD wanted pushed because it's really safe, but they naturally get along and all the affection comes out naturally. They need to just give me the Jackson Sunny ship because they keep editing out everything of them together and it's some BS. Jackson and Youngji are really cute together, I could see the siblings feeling people get sometimes, but I also think that they have shining moments of real sweetness that is inspiring this ship.

They could be a playful little couple that likes to tease each other and stuff in public. Jackson's forever love of Gukjoo is so sweet to me, but I really don't think it's a "love line" anymore and very much so a true "this is my noona she needs to look after me and I need to look after her and I wanna be her favorite" line and not a romantic anything.

Justice for Jacksun, stop cutting out all their moments PD you son of a bitch.

She also appeared in variety shows, named Roommate and Hitmaker Season 2. In Roommate she became famous for her muted laughter. She joined Hitmaker Season 2 along with Lizzy, G. NA, and SO-hyun.

Girls' Generation's Sunny Wants GOT7's Jackson And KARA's Youngji To Become A Couple On 'Roommate'?

This group released their first song teaser on 17th of February and a full song after three days. She also gave her appearance on various radio shows.

In the same year, she was also nominated for Show Variety Female Newcomer award. Youngji and Jackson, her co-star in a reality show Roommate, are getting closer as evident from the fresh waves of rumours. According to the producer of the show the two are usually seen arguing with each other.


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