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  • 06.01.2019
  • by Maumuro

INFJ-INFP Relationships & Compatibility

INFP and INFJ - The Perfect Romantic Match? My experience

With any pairing, the likelihood of success of a relationship must include consideration of the personal growth of each partner. Speaking from personal experience, some of my nearest and dearest friends have been INFP types. They are both adept at recognizing hidden meanings and symbolic references. Both of them value compassion, reflection, and intellectual and artistic pursuits. The result is absolutely a feeling of being understood and in harmony. The danger of this phenomenon, however, can be that each partner, sensing the ability of the other to actualize or extravert the parts of himself the he would like to show the world in an attempt to become individuated, can bring about jealousy and, in the worst case, distrust.

Doing so can be dangerous because it amounts to depending on the other to supply what the individual thinks it cannot give to himself.

Relationships are a lot of work, and between a male INFJ and. As an INFJ female dating an INFP male, how can I ensure that our arguments. r/infj: For redditors identifying as or interested in INFJs (Ni-Fe-Ti-Se) as described by MBTI. However, some types will probably be more compatible with INFJs than others. For instance, an INFJ can date any personality type–even an ESTP, our INFPs and INFJs may just have one letter different in their acronyms.

To learn more about either of these types, explore our eBooks or related posts listed below:. Despite of the difficulties, I think it is one of the best relationships!

I am an INFP and my partner is an INFJ and the impact she had on me from the moment we met was really staggering — I have not met many people who operate at the same frequency as me before and I used to think my introvert nature was a symptom of this a sense of not belonging.

But she was so unbelievably with my vision of the world and life and what our journey is about… coolest person ever. I cherish, love and trust her very very truly and honestly. The depth and authenticity and similarities were immensely clear, and the Siamese twin thing mentioned in this article is very interesting and relatable — Even before we were together we affectionately used the term Amesoeurs soul sisters. Meeting her was a massive wake up call and I continue to learn and develop as a person every day because of how fascinating and inspiring she is to me.

We match absolutely wonderfully. Since we met 5 years ago our morals and interests and personalities always alligned perfectly. We were long distance for 3 years he lived in South Korea, I live in the US and our passion for a meaningful relationship and loyalty for one another allowed us to endure those 3 years. After he moved here we confirmed how truly amazing and special our relationship is.

The best way I can put that relationship into words? Not ONCE in my entire existence have I felt such a strong affinity, sense of belonging, and love for another person of the opposite sex. The whole time we were together, even though we had been friends for a few years, it felt like I knew her my entire life. In a nutshell… it was a match made in heaven. I could lose myself chatting with her for hours. Physical intimacy with her was pure, unadulterated bliss.

Perhaps I was meant to meet her in order to experience what true love felt like, before being once again cast away into the all-too-familiar, lonely corner I usually hang around. Does anyone have a time machine?

She said "Thanks Matt, i just slept most of the time, feel better now. Hope your ok my love. I will message you in the morning" and then put a love heart on the end. I just cant weigh anything up with the girl.

I've got the thing in my head im being played. Im wondering if anyone maybe has advice for me on this situation, maybe had similar experience with an INFP women? Thank you.

In actuality, the INFJ and INFP have no personality functions (Ni, Fe, etc.) What is perhaps unique about INFPs and INFJs in relationship is they can feel like Siamese twins, or reflective yet conjoined . I once had the privilege of dating a wonderful INFJ woman. I'm an INFP male and I met my INFJ girl when I was The best INFP INFJ soulmate may just be each other. Whether it's an INFP girl and INFJ guy or INFP male and INFJ female, both types tend to. INFJ Male Dating INFP Female, looking for advice. Fine_21 said: 18 AM. Hey guys. Was looking for some advice on a INFP girl ive been dating.

Send PM. I'm very sorry you're going through this.

Hi guys, first visit to this forum so. Apparantly, this relationship with both the INFJ and INFP produces a sense of I dated an INFJ for a year. I entered into an intimate relationship with an INFP female not too long ago and I couldn't be happier. Things are working out great between us;. One is female (I don't know her that well) and the other two are male, However I 'm not sure if dating an INFJ would be a good idea for me.

From what I've read you both seem very young. I don't mean to be patronizing, but when you are this young sometimes you don't really know exactly what you want yet, and you both are still in the process of exploring yourselves, and in the meantime you're going to make a lot of mistakes.

Infp female and infj male dating

So it's not surprising that her actions seem 'suspicious'. She is probably very confused at the moment. Anyway, I'd like to point out one major red flag here:. Your Ni is going to overdrive and you're trying to reach for conclusions that may not even be there. Stop that. I know this because I was like this times a thousand and it made me and everybody else miserable. The only thing I notice about this INFP chick is her not wanting to be seen by her ex and her parents, as well as periodically missing from time to time.

No doubt she likes you a lot, but as a woman, she is going to feel pulled by her present you and her past her ex. Maybe her ex is talking to her again and trying to show her that he has changed, but maybe she's realizing that she deserves better, ie.

Now, if this situation is too messy, you have every right to leave her and to let her think things through as well as tie up the loose ends with her ex before moving on with either you or somebody else.

INFP and INFJ Interaction: One Letter Makes a Big Difference

Thanks for the replys. The whole thing is kinda confusing me now. She's definitely INFP, but i feel shes kinda backed off a bit. Shes not texting as much as she use too, and of course there was last night not hearing anything off her for 6 hours. She finally replied last night, and said thank you for the message, put loads of kisses on, love hearts and the same this morning.

Sending texts with lots of affection, saying i hope i had a good night, calling me 'her love' yet i sense something's up. Maybe shes angry because ive kinda tried to end it twice, and its hurt her.

Its like i feel she's faking these messages, i dunno. Can in INFP do that? I thought they were all about authenticness. Another thing, the other night she told me she wanted to take me out for my birthday next week, asking me what presents i wanted.

Its like this big confusing mess right now in my head on how shes feeling, its like shes pissed off or something. Another thing i forgot to mention, this girl has told me shes been on antidepressants for years, which make her feel like a zombie.

She even confessed that a few weeks ago, she was feeling that bad she took two in 1 day. Shes told me she feels 'too much' and hates it and she can't come off the antidepressants, im assuming because of this feeling.

Shes told me she's a really anxious person, and suffers from depression too. Maybe she's a bad texter. I know I am.

INFJ-INFP Relationships & Compatibility

Originally Posted by theforsaken. Definitely not. She has at go at me for not texting back quicker, i'm the bad texter. I think you need to call her to arrange a meet up and have an honest discussion as to what kind of relationship the two of you have, and if she is still in contact with her ex-boyfriend. It is no use sitting here speculating impossible scenarios and possibilities when you should just go and clear the air even if it feels terrifying.

A healthy relationship requires communication in order for it to thrive. If she is still in contact with the ex, and is feeling conflicted between you and him, then it may be time to let her go since she is not ready for a new relationship. Norrsken liked this post. IMO you're overthinking it. We get lost in the things going on in our head and don't realise what vibes we're giving off. When it comes to INFPs, there can be many perfectly natural reasons for that social awkwardness being an big oneso there's no need to assume the worst just yet.

Of course there could be issues with the ex etc but going by what you described, none of the behaviour seems out of character for the type. It's good that you were open about the issues you saw coming up and the discomfort you were feeling.

That's the best way to address it. Just take things slowly and try not to crowd her too much. Replies: 5 Last Post:AM. Replies: 13 Last Post:AM. Replies: 5 Last Post:PM.


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