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  • 06.01.2019
  • by Kezahn

Naomi neo and jianhao dating

Not My Arms Challenge With Jianhao - Naomi Neo

Now, he's going to take on a new mantle - husband. Being one of the earliest adopters of YouTube back in allowed him to build a sizeable business around his online persona and social media presence. Singapore's top influencer owns Singapore's most subscribed YouTube channel with 2. Companies hungry for his social media reach and his innate knowledge of what makes teens and millennials tick all want a piece of him. His event appearance fees alone run up into the thousands of dollars per hour while a sponsored post on one of his channels is easily double or triple that. But as I found out over a couple of hours hanging out with him, behind his warm, humble and happy-go-lucky persona is an accomplished man and business owner. So the entire office received flowers from thejianhaotan!

The couple tied the knot in March this year, the same month when she revealed that she was six months pregnant.

Naomi Neo is engaged and here are all the details

In one of her videos, she shared that she met her husband last year and had found out she was pregnant in October Her baby gender reveal video has garnered overviews since she uploaded it two weeks ago. Now it will be interesting to see how this lifestyle and fashion influencer will take her career to new heights as a young mum!

In contrast, social media star Xiaxue is ranked 9, and actress Fann Wong is 46, The website carries this description about Naomi: She became an avid social media user infirst gaining recognition for expressing her opinions on Facebook.

How haze affects babies: What doctors want you to know.

Jianhao tan and naomi neo dating

How to manage hunger pangs during pregnancy in Singapore. According to her blog post that detailed her relationship and the breakup, he had courter her for six months despite being rejected three times.

Naomi Neo and Jian Hao Tan dating? Ridhwan Azman hits his girlfriend. Search for. Neo dating While datingpagesix. Come from the multi-authored paper. Influencer Naomi Neo Finally Comes Clean About Breakup With YouTuber JianHao have been dying to know if Naomi Neo and Tan JianHao have broken up. The pair had been dating for over a year, and was constantly.

She said that he was with her for one and a half years and that they had been friends for 2 years previously. She had called it one of the most serious relationships she had ever had.

YouTuber Tan JianHao on his marriage plans and relationship finances

She also stated that she had cheated on him for a few months during a rocky time in their relationship. She worked hard to gain his trust again and cut the other guy out of her life completely. Tan was actually one of the guys you could actually say was with Naomi.

Dating an NSF

All the others were not mentioned by name nor were they actually proven to be with her. Sometimes, people say they would be together but they would actually only be friends or linked. Since Naomi tends to feature her boyfriends if they agree on her channel and video, she was also linked to the Wah!

Banana and now sex scandal-beleaguered actor Eden Ang. Fans saw that they had several videos together, with this one being especially indicative of a relationship.

Read about how Eden Ang may have allegedly tried to coerce a bisexual girl to have a porn film with him. Eden and Naomi both rejected the idea, though, and said that nothing was going on. Still, it could have ben because people did not respond to them positively, as some commented they would rather have Eden with his co-star, Audrey.

She also shared that Tan tried to court her for six months and got rejected three times. Fans had speculated that she and Tan were no longer posting photos or videos together and that maybe they had broken up.

According to different sites, Naomi and Tan were having relationship trouble because of work and many misunderstandings. Some other parties were involved and eventually, it became too much for the two of them to handle.

Their suspicions were eventually proven to be true, and Naomi announced the breakup on her channels.

All these are in the past though. Looks like Naomi has found someone else to spend the rest of her life with.

[11 March UPDATE] Naomi Neo has married her boyfriend, H, in an intimate wedding with a reception on Tan Jian Hao and Naomi Neo. Tan Jian Hao and Naomi Neo. Back in , Naomi and another top Singaporean YouTube content creator, Jianhao Tan were thick as thieves. When Your Ex Boyfriend is Dating Someone New! Naomi Neo and Jian naomi neo dating jianhao Hao Tan Home Facebook. latin online dating.

View this post on Instagram. You may like these post: No related posts. Chee Soon Juan faces an uphill task at the Bukit Batok by-election. About The Author.

Read all the details about Naomi Neo's husband and her wedding video. relationship is that of her time with fellow YouTuber Tan Jian Hao. We all know Jian Hao Tan as a YouTuber and funny man. . She paid for their first date at the cafeteria in Singapore Polytechnic, her school at the time. His break-up with previous girlfriend and fellow influencer Naomi Neo. Instagram and Facebook are the main sources of news, there is was another popular celebrity couple, Jianhao Tan and Naomi Neo, both popular YouTubers .


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