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Kensi Blye . NCIS - Los Angeles Database . FANDOM powered by Wikia

NCIS Los Angeles 8x24 (Season Finale) - Proposal

And perhaps the most important question is this: What impact will their coupling have on their approach to cases? When things go wrong, is it going to be the fault of that relationship? Now [Deeks] has this realization that [Kensi] is the most important person in the world to him. And I think it's going to be the catalyst for a lot of mistakes. Fall TV Scorecard: What's renewed? What's canceled? Other complications arise from the couple's reluctance to share the news with their colleagues - who, let's face it, have their suspicions already.

A masked intruder decapitates a Pentagon consultant in Bahrain and steals a flash drive containing top-secret data; the drive turns up in Hollywood; a Gurkha works with the team; they find the answers and eventually the drive as well.

Following the events of the previous episode, Kensi and Deeks spent the night together and are awkward and nervous around each other. While out in the field, Deeks makes a mistake when Kensi is taken hostage and avoids a nesscary shot to take down a criminal. However, when she makes a similar mistake later in the episode, Kensi and Deeks promise to finally talk about their feelings for each other once and for all.

Deeks and Kensi Part 58

Unfortunately, Kensi is relocated on an indefinite mission, leaving Deeks heartbroken. Overall, this episode focuses on Kensi and Deeks finally confronting their romantic feelings for each other. G and Sam abduct an undercover NCIS agent suspected of having turned to the side of the smuggler whom he's investigated; Kensi and Deeks play head games with the agent, G and Sam play them with the suspect, and the teams win on all counts.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Deeks and Kensi's Romantic Journey

Kensi and Deeks are finally ready to once again confront their feelings for each other until a rogue NCIS Agent manipulates them and makes them question and reconsider their potential romantic relationship. The team investigates a burglary at a cyber-security company, but Callen must steer clear of the crime scene after Hetty reveals his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the lead witnesses.

On what is supposed to be a routine op, Sam takes a bullet and the team sets out to find who the shooter was; Kensi and Deeks have their first argument and Kensi starts to think they may be moving too fast. After a successful sting, an explosion claims the lives of three FBI agents; Kensi and Deeks realize their secret is out.

Kensi and Deeks are forced to work with Sam and Callen respectively for unknown reasons, but later discover Deeks is being investigated by internal affairs. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks also discover everyone is aware of their newfound romantic relationship.

Granger summons Kensi to the boathouse; Hetty summons the others to the ops center; Kensi's father's fellow Marines have started dying, and Granger wonders whether Kensi is involved; the team start investigating and producing.

Kensi took a round to the torso but, wearing a bulletproof vest, survived; she steals away, hunting the shooter; she clobbers a tail and borrows his wheels; the team put the pieces together and catch the bad guy; Kensi visits her mother.

TV 60 min Action, Crime, Drama. In an alley in Los Angeles a photographer finds the body of a Marine lance corporal, Zuna, from Camp Pendleton, who bled to death; most recently he served as a guard at a bio-lab facility; Deeks is introduced in this episode. Kensi is suspicious of him while everyone teases her about having possible romantic feelings for him.

At one morning a Navy lieutenant j.

Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah as Kensi and Deeks| Bill Inoshita/CBS [ Daniela] was dating this guy that was awful, and [David] was dating this girl That was enough to kinda get them started in conversation and it. Kensi and Deeks begin to realize their feeling for each other and share their first kiss. By the end of the episode, Deeks secretly takes Kensi on a date. Kensi. Kensi and Deeks finally decided to go out on a date that involves "Yea okay" He said before starting to walk out but stopped to wait for her.

Monica becomes the target of an unknown shooter in Hollywood; Deeks, in an undercover role as Max at the direction of Grangerrescues her; Monica is a hostess at a nightclub, which is a A nuclear bomb explodes in a desert in Mexico; G and company investigate; Sam and Michelle go underground; G and Kensi go to Iran and bring back the Chameleon, who takes part in a complex deal to gain the two missing bombs.

Kensi and Deeks finally begin to confront their true romantic feelings for each other that eventually results in Deeks and Kensi sharing their second kiss. Kensi is transported to a missile launch facility to help thwart a takeover of nuclear weapons.

He eventually arrived at Doms death for several past episodes. ncis los angeles kensi and deeks start dating On out she intentionally missed she punches him a. In Season Five, Kensi and Deeks finally begin to truly confront their Romantic Feelings for each other, but face various obstacles that continue to keep them. After years of being NCIS partners, Kensi and Deeks finally admitted their true feelings for each other. Check out the best Densi moments.

Deeks becomes extremely worried about Kensi when she gets involved in a highly dangerous and life threatening mission. During a battle with a cartel, Sam is shot. A suspect reveals information about Spencer Williams.

Kensi and deeks start dating

Mosley plans a highly dangerous and unsanctioned mission to Mexico to rescue her son and everyone on the team have different opinions about whether they should go on the mission.

Deeks and Kensi get into a serious argument about their future together, resulting in them calling off the wedding. However, despite the argument, Deeks still goes on the mission to Mexico. The NCIS team go all out to rescue a team member and kidnapped child in a daring mission on foreign soil. During their time in Mexico, Deeks is cold and distant towards Kensi, but remains protective of her during the mission to rescue Derrick.

By the end of the episode, the team are hit by a rocket launcher in their SUV, leaving it unclear who is dead and who is alive. After a maintenance man saves a lieutenant commander's life, the team discovers his dark past that places a local teenager in peril.

Kensi Marie Deeks (nee Blye) is a fictional character in the show NCIS: Los Angeles. She is a . In this season, Kensi and Deeks finally begin to truly confront their romantic feelings for each other, but face various obstacles that continue to keep. Kensi and Deeks slowly begin to realize their romantic feelings for each . for Kensi and asks her on a date to a romantic restaurant without her knowledge. Now that Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks (Eric Christian a similar situation when my husband and I started dating," she admits.

In the meantime, Sam must decide who to take to the football game. Director: Eric A. Kensi is struggling with her injuries and begins to take her anger and frustrations out on Deeks. The NCIS team investigates a defense contractor, Rebecca Larmont, designing a nuclear attack weapon after her estranged husband, Victor Larmont, says he has proof she is selling Navy While raiding a pawnshop, targeting a Mexican drug cartel, LAPD cops kill two cartel grunts plus a wanted Muslim terrorist; the LAPD requests help from Callen and company, who seek, find, and scrub an alliance between the two rogue groups.

Kensi becomes jealous of Eva Espinoza, the Chief of the Mexican Police when she develops a close connection with Deeks and kisses him towards the end of the episode. An NCIS agent dies aboard an aircraft carrier at sea; the fearless four, undercover, fly to the ship, where they meet even more problems, but they eventually solve the crimes; Hetty joins them for Christmas underway; Nell catches Eric.

Kensi and Deeks find themselves questioning the true nature of their relationship and their feelings for each other upon meeting and working together with CIA Agent, Sabatino and his partner. When he got home and put the things in the fridge he got a text from Kensi and he smiled as he read the message.

Densi (Deeks and Kensi) Episodes

Kensi went into her bathroom to start put on her make-up and doing her hair before she went into her bedroom to decide on what to wear. When the time said 4. She smiled as she watched the TV before there was a knock on the door and she stood up and went over to the door and opening the door.

He can look all he wants and maybe touch if he gets lucky tonight, wait a minute did you really just think of what it would feel like to have your partner touch your ass?

With his blond hair, killer body and baby blue eyes, wow did you just think that? Kensi you have to pull your self together, stop thinking that way! He smiled before going back to his own cutting board but out of his eye he could see that she looked lost. Later Kensi goes to talk to Deeks and he asks her if she is good. She replies by saying she is good and asks Deeks the same question. He replies by saying "I'm good if you're good". Though they both say everything is fine between them, they both seem to be lying and are obviously not fine.

By the end of the season, Deeks and Kensi finally begin to confront their true feelings for each other and share their first real kiss. In this season, Kensi and Deeks finally begin to truly confront their romantic feelings for each other, but face various obstacles that continue to keep them apart or discuss their true feelings.

In the opening episode of season five, Kensi is both comforted and deeply affected by the fact that Deeks used her as a tether to withstand the torture he had endured. She is clearly distraught by his lack of response, even to this gesture. After Nate is called to assess Deeks' mental status, it is Kensi who is finally able to give him the sleep he has thus far been unable to attain, when she goes to visit him at his house.

In the episode " Recovery ", it is implied that Kensi and Deeks have become intimate after he told her he wanted to be with her at his apartment and she stared at him before walking off, with him following right behind her. However, following their night together in the episode "Frozen Lake", things become awkward and full of tension when their entangled emotions begin to have an effect on their performance during field work.

When Deeks does not take a most-needed shot, Kensi becomes agitated and tells Deeks she is standing on a "frozen lake" and that while she wants what they have more than anything else, it just won't work. Despite this, at the end of the episode, Kensi tells Deeks they'll find a way to work things out between them, admitting they have a "thing", before asking him to be patient with her as they talk things through.

He agrees to that and they make plans to meet again that night. As Kensi waits for Deeks later on, though, Hetty tells her she has been reassigned to a new and classified mission and will have to leave until the job is finished, much to her disappointment. As she prepares to leave, she receives a text message from Deeks saying he is almost there.

She appears genuinely upset and walks off.

In Afghanistan, she receives her mission: to kill an American man who uses the alias "White Ghost". Because of her personal connection, she is unable to kill him and eventually gets captured. When the team hears news of Kensi's capture they rush to her aid, only to find her pale, weak and having been very severely beaten. This is a direct parallel to what Deeks went through at the beginning of season five. Kensi prefers not to talk about it, although she does confide in Deeks and he embraces her when she says "It was really bad.

In season six episode 11 "Humbug", she and Deeks agree to make their relationship official and finally become a couple. They attempt to keep their relationship secret until the events of episode 18 "Fighting Shadows" when the team reveal their awareness of their newfound romantic relationship.

In the same episode, Kensi and Deeks are also briefly separated and must work with Callen and Sam respectively, but later discover the reason being that Deeks is under investigation by the LAPD who will try and use their relationship against them.

In season seven, Kensi decides to move in with Deeks. At the end of the season Deeks proposes to Kensi. In season eight, Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks go to the desert to capture a terrorist and their plane gets shot down and in the wreckage Kensi gets stuck under the nose of the plane and goes into a coma. The aftermath of the injury results in a spinal cord injury with a very slim chance of recovery. After months of physical therapy she does return to work.

In episode 14, Kensi is kidnapped by a man she met in physical therapy. In episode 15, she is taken to a house where the man threatens to cut off her leg but Deeks saves her.

At the end of the season finale, Kensi asks Deeks to marry her and he says yes. In season nine, Kensi and Deeks are officially engaged and begin planning for the wedding while at the same time meet Executive Assistant Direactor, Shay Mosley who replaces Owen Granger. Mosley is shown to disapprove of Kensi and Deeks' relationship when she sends Deeks back to work at the LAPD, temporarily breaking their partnership until Callen convinces Mosley to keep Deeks on the team.

Throughout the season, Kensi and Deeks continue making plans and preparations for their wedding and at the same time, start discussing their future together beyond NCIS with Deeks expressing his hopes of someday leaving with Kensi to start a family together.

During the season, Kensi is faced in a deadly and highly dangerous situation involving a nuclear launch and almost risking her life. Kensi is successful in stopping the threat. In the season nine finale, Kensi along with the rest of the team, learn the truth about Mosley's kidnapped son and Callen's promise to help her when they come into contact with a suspect on a current case who is connected to Mosley's former lover, Spencer Williams. Upon learning of this information, Mosley sees this as her best chance of finding and getting her son back.

Mosley and the team learn they are located in Mexico, but the mission to rescue her son is unsanctioned and highly dangerous, putting the team's lives at risk.

Kensi wishes to go to Mexico, but Deeks has concerns and does not believe it is a good idea. When Deeks is fired by Mosley after confronting her about her unfair, reckless and disrespectful behaviour, he believes that now is the time for him and Kensi to finally leave NCIS. However, despite their previous discussions on the matter, Kensi reveals that she is not ready to leave NCIS or start a family yet.

A fight ensues between them, resulting in the wedding being called off. Despite being fired as well as the current state of their relationship, Deeks still joins the team on the Mexico mission to save Mosley's son. However, while the mission is ultimately successful, reuniting Mosley with her son and returning them to L.


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