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Main -> And dating -> So you are dating, huh?, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic . FanFiction
  • 01.01.2019
  • by Arashijar

So you are dating, huh?, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic . FanFiction

GODs School trailer: the teen school life of the Olympian gods

All right. This story will be Percathena. Percy will be in a relationship with Annabeth though. I'm not sure yet what exactly will happen, but Athena will have to spend some time with Percy as part of the bet with Poseidon. Read and find out. Rick Riordan does

She put the goddess's books in a bag and thanked her. Athena hurried over to the newsstand-the date scared her. December 22 all right, but year She had traveled twelve years in the future!

Quickly Athena concentrated and flashed back to Olympus; to the year ; hugging those books closely. I glanced around the room- Athena was late.

How strange. Just then Athena flashed into existence looking scared out of her mind. I raised an eyebrow. She dropped about 5 children's books on the floor.

I lost it. You of all goddesses! I thought you would have more sense. I glared as Athena butted in, "It was an accident, Father.

But these books are so close to the truth we must figure out who will write them and punish them. Athena has done wrong. These books are true- the stories real. You may read them, but you may not change them. The future will continue on as it is. Cautiously I opened my eyes and groan inwardly. Three old ladies with knitting bags stood before me talking in unison. The Fates.

Who else? There was a giant flash and before us stood over a dozen children- all looked about A single girl was crying- she had blond hair curled and knotted in a-I don't care right now kind of way.

A female with short blank hair and the crown of Artemis on her head rushed over to calm her down. Again the Fates spoke in unison, "Read the books- time has frozen until you finish. More might come in the future. It stands on your account. A girl with stringy brown hair approached with her hand in a boys, maybe they were siblings or they were dating, "Clarisse La Rue, Daughter of Ares. Cabin 5 head counselor. Ares looked really confused now but I didn't pay much attention to him.

Maybe from the fact that his son was dating war god's daughter or I have no idea. Twin looking boys stepped up. Sons of Hermes. Cabin Leaders. Hermes made a strange sound something between a gag and a growl. Hades looks shocked. Lotus Casino. My eyes popped out. Oh no, it couldn't be. What would he be doing with a bunch of Greeks! Hera was fuming. And from the same mortal mother! Ugh and to think you would change.

A seventeen year-old girl with bright red frizzy hair stepped up. She study Piper with keen interest and nodded contently. Also cabin leader. If he was at all frazzled to be on Olympus he didn't show it. The girl on the floor crying got up.

She whipped the last tears of her face and looked around. And why did you umm- you know change everything back. Athena stood up angrily, "You are 4! I was just watching you. He was building something out of rubber bands and paper. The son of Athena was sitting next to his sister- Annabeth. He perked his ears up at the word book.

The girl doesn't. My daughter sighs and walks to the center of the throne room where she grabs the books. She seems to study the titles. She glances over her shoulder at Annabeth and reads, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

I'm innocent and not repulsive! I'm the sun god, I'm the hottest one out here".

Percy Jackson already beat you for us" Hermes remarked. Then he proceeded talking to Martha and George about some package. George didn't listen, demanding rats, but Martha seemed to be listening. Ares jumped out of his chair, or tried to.

Dionysos used wine ranks to pull him down. I clearly am the best! I invented wine, what is better than that". Artemis snickered. What is the use of a liquid that makes male even more provoking and repulsive than they already are? Athena nodded. It is not wise to drink a liquid that holds the ability to cloud your mind and makes you do very gullible things".

Dionysos waved his hand. I don't expect someone like you to understand the beauty of wine". Athena raised her eyebrows. Everything that makes you behave injudicious is a threat to your health and that of others.

It will only cause misery". This was the moment a heated argument started, all the gods yelling at each other. Most males were yelling alcohol was awesome and women shouldn't complain about men drinking it while most women said it was very stupid to drink and it made men ever bigger pigs Artemis said that of course.

After a good ten minutes of screaming at each other, Zeus had enough of it. He clapped his hands and the sound of thunder and lightning made everyone silent. I have enough of these endless and needless arguments. It is obvious I am the best and wine is very good! And now Athena, for your bet. Do you agree with all the terms? The terms are that Athena has to spend seven days, afternoons and mornings, with Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon.

She has to do some things Jackson enjoys, but can also choose a few activities herself. If she has a good reason to decline something Jackson wants to do, she may decline. Also, Athena isn't allowed to kill Percy or change him into something else. She can't use her godly powers on him. Poseidon has to shut up and act as Athena's assistant for a week if he loses.

And Athena has to agree with Poseidon for a week if she loses. If Athena likes Percy at the end of the week, which is very unlikely, she will lose the bet. If she still dislikes him, Poseidon will lose". Athena and Poseidon nodded. All the gods will make sure you keep to these terms. If you don'tyou will lose automatically".

Hepheastus stepped forward. That way, it will also be easier to keep an eye on Percy and Athena". She didn't seem concerned at the very least she would be filmed all the time. Hepheastus smiled.

Percy Jackson - "Feels Like Home" [Comic dub]

I won't record the two of you all the time and I won't tell you when I am recording. That way, you and Percy will behave like you normally would around each other". I am not going to change my clothes, I like the clothes I am wearing". Aphrodite pouted. Who knows? You might fall in love, you two would make a great couple! Athena tensed. I am not going to develop any romantic feelings towards Percy Jackson.

There are endless incentives and reasons for that. It would require the rest of the boy's life to give you the list with reasons. Do you comprehend? Aphrodite pouted again. You two could be a really cute couple! And you aren't the goddess of love can't know if you will fall in love with him". Athena narrowed her eyes. Aphrodite sighed. She looked very disappointed. But I still want to pick at least one cute outfit for you!

Needless to say, Athena couldn't convince Aphrodite to leave her alone.

Six weeks ago, sixteen year old Percy had arrived home from camp that make Athena your first cousin and Annabeth your second cousin?". AU, Pure Smut/Lemon, Percy/Athena, Crude Language, Short One-shot They had just come back from a date and Percy could not keep his. Before they could even blink, Annabeth, Percy and Athena were standing You, my intelligent and wise daughter, dating the son of Poseidon!.

After a long discussion, Athena agreed Aphrodite could pick one outfit. Meaning, it can't be anything that will make me look like a prosititute or anything that is pink".

You can't say no to everything! And you will have to wear make-up! Or I will just force you to. I have my ways Athena". For maybe the first time in her life, Aphrodite actually looked threatening. Those ways were obviously something Athena wanted to avoid.

But just a little bit. Nothing extreme" Athena said and shuddered when she saw the look in Aphrodite's eyes. It was her I-am-going-to-spread-love look. Meaning, she was going to try everything that was possible to make Athena fall in love with Percy. Or ratherif you had to believe all the piffle Aphrodite said, make Athena realize she was in love with Percy. Which she wasn't. And absolutely didn't want to be. Now all the terms were clear and Hephaestus had permission to film this all, all the gods left.

They all went to their palaces and Athena transported herself to camp half-blood. She didn't make her presence known, but walked straught towards the Poseidon cabin. She knew Percy would be there; it was early in the morning after all. Most campers were still asleep. She also knew he would be the only one. His brother Tyson would arrive tomorrow. He was still at Poseidon's palace for now, helping his father. So Percy would be the only one to see her. Which was perfect.

Athena didn't want Tyson to be there when she told Percy she had to spend time with him. Athena was standing in front of the cabin and sighed. She didn't like it at all, but she would go through with it. She could survive a week with Percy Jackson.

She knocked on the door and waited patiently. It would probably take some time before he answered. He might be still asleep or occupied with something else.

Sure enough, Percy didn't appear right away. Athena suspected she had to be standing in front of the door for three minutes when he opened. Percy opened the door, rubbing his sleepy eyes, with messy hair and with only a boxershort on. He widened his eyes, his mouth a little open.

And blushed when he realized he was halfnaked. Not something you want to be in front of your mother in law, who doesn't like you and is also the goddess of wisdom. The extremely ominous goddess of wisdom. He wasn't extremely muscular, but he was muscular and well-built. The years of training had made him develop some definite muscles and had made sure he didn't have any fat. Every inch of his body looked great, Athena couldn't help but notice. Athena would have proclaimed he was very handsome if she hadn't been a maiden goddess.

She wasn't supposed to say things like that. She would leave that to people like Aphrodite. She suppressed the sudden urge to stare at his chest, which she suspected was Aphrodite's doing, and focused on his face instead. Which wasn't a bad thing to look at either. He is actually kind of cute with messy hair and sleepy eyes. A lot more vulnerable and- Aphrodite! Stop those silly games already! She send Aphrodite a silent message when she noticed what she was thinking.

No doubt the love goddess was meddling with her thoughts and feelings. And Athena didn't like it one bit. Once again resisting the urge to stare at his chest, or looked at him appreciately or lick her lips, Athena folded her arms and raised her eyebrows slightly.

She was blushing too, but managed to keep an emotionless expression. She wouldn't let a halfnaked son of Poseidon bother her. Especially not the one that was dating her daughter. I have come her to. He paled, swallowed nervously and took a little step back. He looked afraid like she had never seen him before. First chapter yeah! So this will be Percabeth and have the seven days Athena has to spend with Percy. I will think of a way to break up Percabeth, but I would appreciate your suggestions:D And to make things more interesting, the other gods won't leave poor Percy and Athena alone.

Aphrodite will do everything to embaress Athena and make her fall in love. Hepheastus will record some very embarssing things. Zeus will try to make Poseidon lose, doing everything to make Percy look bad and the other gods will be equally annoying. Hope you liked the first chapter!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Athena and Poseidon are arguing again. About who of their children is best, about Percabeth and about the question if Percy could ever like Athena. Their arguing ends with a bet this time. Poseidon bets Athena will like Percy when she actually spends time with him to get to know him. So now, she has to spend seven days with Percy.

Percy and athena dating fanfiction

My son would never like you, he isn't crazy enough to! A person that is much better than your sea spawn! It is a synonym for idiot, crouton is something entirely else!

I didn't understand half you were saying!

Rated: Fiction T - English - Percy J., Athena - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5, - Reviews: 44 He would stop dating my daughter if he were one. A oneshot of how Athena and Poseidon found out that Percy and Annabeth were dating and their reactions. Set right around the end of the Last. Percy/Annabeth, oneshot. Athena has been keeping an eye on that boy dating her daughter, so she's the only witness when IT happens.

And I bet you want him to like you and would like him if you spend some time with him! There are too many conformities between you and your moronic son".

I'm not a coward! What reasons do you actually be attainable to assume I am?

A typical reading the Percy Jackson series with gods, demigods, and an Athena hurried over to the newsstand-the date scared her. Poseidon bets Athena will like Percy when she actually spends time with him to get to .. Especially not the one that was dating her daughter. Percy's now God of the Tidal Waves and living a good life on Olympus. Although, he's having a rather "complicated" relationship with Athena.

I accept the bet! You will learn to like my boy, miss smartypants! And you will like my son, I'm convinced you will". Poseidon snickered. Ares smirked. That is me. I'm the god of warbeat that!


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